The first goodbye…

We spoke last night about philosophy
We spoke last night of how life  COULD be,
Chatted about our inner desires,
Living life to the very limit and higher

That’s what I appreciate about you
Your simple outlook your serious views

I love that we meet on a spirit level
The bubble sits comfortably in the middle
Same loves and hopes that grow and travel
You leave in your van
Us on a plane
We share the same views though its hard to explain
It’s about an outlook, a sweet philosophy
No excuses or busting fuses
No settling for the things we hate and calling it practicalities
It’s about being true
It’s about doing the things we want to do
No more ‘one day’ lark
No more mañana mañana
Let’s live today, light not dark
Dive into the joys of spontaneity
And answer back to worldly authority
At the core, you are strong and true
And that is why I seriously love you!

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