Swim, Ride, Run

So my husband Ally has just completed his first ever Triathlon. He trained hard. He succeeded, and I am a very proud wife right now. I did my wifely duties, took pictures at the right moments and wooped sufficiently. Got a little emotional about the 5 year old boy desperately searching out his dad before shouting at the top of his voice

“Go Dad, Go!!”

His Dad was clearly his super hero. Cute. There were over 150 competitors ranging from very fast with flashy bikes to a little slower with mountain bikes. Ally was actually one of the youngest and fits somewhere in-between the super flashy Lycra and just plain flashy Lycra catergories.  He did the route in 1hr 35mins which was a pretty good time and 10 minutes faster than he was aiming for. It involved 600m swim, 18mile cycle and a 4 mile run in the New Forrest. So a relatively short triathlon as triathlons go but a great achievement and I suspect the first of many. Ally did the triathlon to fundraise for the charity that we are volunteering with in a months time. He has also shaved all his leg hair off which started off as a joke until some friends offered to donate more money if the joke became reality. Just goes to show what people will do for for a good cause. So my Husband now has super smooth legs which is slightly odd but on the upside he has raised over £2,000 for Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships is a great cause and we can’t wait to get involved. We have been completely blown away by everyone’s support and generosity!

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

The money that has been raised is going straight into our Mercy Ships account which means the donations are directly helping us to pay our monthly fees, allowing me to Nurse Congolese patients who have undergone massive surgery and Ally to be the geek we all know he is and keep the IT on the ship tiptop. We are so excited about our trip and feel so blessed that all our friends and family and even people we don’t know are behind us. So thank you!

Well done Ally!! Well done everyone!!

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