My New Sewing Kit

My new sewing kit.
My Mum asked me if I needed anything for traveling and I told her that a little sewing kit would be useful for sewing clothes back together that will most probably fall apart. I was expecting a cracker style plastic kit. I guess after 27 years I have never learnt. Mum has never been particularly good at meeting what is expected of her, she generally only ever goes one step further and that involves creating something over and above your initial expectations.  And true to her character she presented me with the best sewing kit I have ever seen.
Reasons why this is the best sewing kit and why anyone would ever need to blog about it…

1. She made it by hand and hand picked all the goodies that lie secretively inside.
2. She copied the design of Dads old ‘House Wife’.
A house wife is the name given to a sewing kit you receive when you enter the Navy ( please note my Dad only has one wife)
3. She found map fabric that has the exact location of where I come from and where I’m going.
4. Its the perfect size and has the perfect contents.

So if anyone needs a new sewing kit ask Mrs T, I’m sure she could make a successful business out of them.
Ta Ma.

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