A Day in the Life of a field at Saint Josephs’ School, Dolisie

DSC_0348St Josephs’ field normally looks a bit like this

DSC_0109One day the white people came early in the morning and they threw a white circle around the field.

DSC_0422The white people were being watched

DSC_0115But life carried on as normal

DSC_0363Love stories continued

DSC_0364Just like the football, love is the one thing that will always develop and grow in Africa

DSC_0365Football and Love are strong

DSC_0425Spectators accumulated

DSC_0431Cheerleaders arrived

DSC_0444Sunday morning normally looks like this

DSC_0466But inquisitive minds grew, people drew nearer and before we knew it we had some new frisbee players

DSC_0448Then Sunday morning started to look different

DSC_0450And soon everyone got involved

DSC_0453Everyone wanted to join in this new game. Marina left the bar to see what all the fuss was about

DSC_0458Desperate to catch the white circle and receive the cheers from the side lines

DSC_0472He caught it and then proceeded to be chased until he gave the Frisbee to the strongest or loudest candidate

DSC_0488Eventually Sunday morning looked more like this

DSC_0505The boys showed off their English and each one received a round of applause once he had finished his sentence.They were all pretty pleased with themselves.

Then life at St Josephs school carried on as normal.

The white people left, the rain came and our frisbee friends were reunited with their footballs and flip-flops. Marina went back to the bar and the love stories continued.

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a field at Saint Josephs’ School, Dolisie

  1. Love this post!! It was so much fun watching the joy on the kids faces as they threw around the white disc. Thanks so much for capturing this moment of our trip to Dolisie and for sharing it with us! 🙂

  2. Hey Amy, Been reading up on the adventure! Great writing and really interesting. Your photography is coming on too – I especially like the pic of the girl leaning again the wooden building and the last picture of this post of the boy giving some attitude to the camera.

    Hope all is well with you both. x

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