People should not die of dental abscesses. Right?

Well our little Intensive Care on the big white ship here in Congo is full of bleeps and lights again. We have a new patient who was admitted 2 days ago. He came to our dental clinic with a dental abbess and had some teeth abstracted … Normal story right? No Nomas here or odd massive tumours this is something that we deal with at home all the time. This patient has a nasty infection from this abbess which has affected his lungs and his breathing. He is now in ICU and in a critical situation and …

We need you!

Please pray for his recovery, pray for his lungs, pray for the Anaesthetists and Nurses that are caring for him around the clock… The scary thing here is that there is no where else to go. We don’t have a second opinion or a fancy big London hospital with special machines. Right now we are limited. We rock up with our big sparkly ship and think we can fix all this but we are constantly reminded that we can not. We have limitations. Very real limitations; But God does not so please stand with us and pray for this young man.

3 thoughts on “People should not die of dental abscesses. Right?

  1. So 48hrs after i sent this plea for help this man was walking and no longer ventilated ….. I went from seriously wondering if the ECMO retrieval team would come and get him (super serious) to my main problem on my shift being trying to make him smile! He’s quite anxious and just trying to get his head around everything that has happened but after some of the mammas kidnapped me and braided my hair and i looked ridiculous he laughed a lot ! Thank you so much people! His rate of recovery was not normal and there is no medical explanation. The anaesthetists, surgeons and my self stood gobsmacked…..Your prayers were answered… God is good.

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