Congo River.

DSC_0426The Congo River is one of the fiercest and strongest rivers in the world and separates two of the closest capital cities Brazzaville and Kinshasa. Kinshasa has a massive 9 million people just in its capital city compared to Brazzaville’s 4 million. The section of river that separates the two is pretty choppy and impassable by boat (demonstrated by the visable wreckages). As I sat having some form of orange drink and overlooking the river in all its force and glory; I watched kids playing in the waters. There was a little off shoot of the river that was calm but what lurked behind was the start of the rapids which is a fast flowing and rocky area. These boys were obviously aware of the dangers as they had fashioned their own life jackets out of plastic bottles.

The Congo is the 5th longest river in the world and it is the second most powerful river after the Amazon. It is apparently 750ft deep in places although that seems a little mental. Both the Democratic Republic of Congo and The Republic of Congo are both named after the River. Apparently it was formed 2 million years ago. Since then it’s seen war, death and plenty of blood shed; But for today It’s a nice place to wash your clothes, motorbike, taxi, take a risky swim or just watch events unfold with some kind of orange drink.

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