Fotostory: A Field Trip

She said do you want to have a free tour of the Primus factory (national beer factory)…

Er Yes, Yes I do! So Mamma Mariette (our Congolese Mum) pulled her congolese strings and here we are …


Primus has been around in the Democratic republic of Congo since the Belgian colonial period. It survived the wars and years of corruption. The countries flag is printed on each label and it “is more than just a sought-after brand of brew — it’s a “source of national pride.” It is brewed in 4 countries in Central Africa. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. It was first brewed in 1926 according to Wikipedia.


Our chum Mirjam sweet talking the security dudes…. “please can I put my head in the hole for a photo?” ……..


Learning about the beer making process … In French!


My most favourite Plomps


Some strange fellows


Mamma Mariette got her beer poured for her today


All a little excited to be given a free T-Shirt


Good friends


Mamma teaches Hannah how to dance



Mamma Mareitte preaches the Mercy Ships gospel to a ‘Primus’ friend



Bowie breaks all the rules…



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