Disorientation & Abundance: #shipyardtales

And so we packed up the Congo tightly and with love, in lots and lots of industrial sized clingfilm. We packed everything away so that it wouldn’t move or get damaged on the sail from Congo to the Canary Islands. Exhaustion set in and the pack down was hard. I started a new job as a receptionist of the Africa Mercy. I now share the duty nurse pager or bleeper with a few other nurses on board and joined the emergency medical team.

The doctors and surgeons have all left. The wards are all empty and this is no longer a hospital. It is now a ship, a ship that needs love, attention and some new propellers {amongst other things}. My home is now on land,  out of It’s normal habitat and so am I.

We arrived in Las Palmas and everyone jumped ship to check out the little island of Europe that we had struck. To taste the cheap beer and indulge in tapas. I was so disorientated. I looked out of the porthole at a place I didn’t recognise and didn’t want. I offered to do a night shift at reception and It was 48hrs before I stepped of ship. I went 12 days with out seeing land and then 2 days without stepping foot on the land. All because I really didn’t want to leave Congo.

I found It hard to say goodbye to the friends I had made there. When we left it was as though I was leaving a little piece of my self there. In return I was so overwhelmed by the love, the words of thanks and the gifts we received: I could have exploded. I felt full, fuller than I’ve ever been. I was left after a whirlwind of goodbyes reasoning with my self and perplexed by the feeling of being empty and full all at the same time. It was like my heart was a glass of old dirty tap water, emptied out on to the ground to those who needed it, but refilled with rich delicious red wine. I gave so much of myself that I felt exhausted but I received so much more than I ever could have imagined. I feel so blessed to have made these friends, sad to say goodbye but blessed that I was ever able to call them friends. I guess this is what the bible means when It talks of living life to the full or living life abundantly?

A life persuing God Is never an easy option {contrary to popular belief}  but It’s aways fuller than a life without God

“I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”

 John 10: 10

photo 3

One thought on “Disorientation & Abundance: #shipyardtales

  1. Hope you really enjoy your break and recuperation. So enjoy reading your blog and getting a taste of what life is like for you. Sheridan xx

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