The One Where I Respond to the Ebola Question

My friend KJ chats about Ebola and our plans for Benin… worth a gander

A Beautiful Wander

I’m a Seattle girl, and one of the hallmark traits of a Seattleite is that we speak our mind and share our opinions because what’s the worst that can happen; someone disagrees and then goes back to drinking their coffee or smoking their pot. My world doesn’t hinge on wether you agree with me or not, it hinges on whether I was authentic and spoke up when something was important to me.

Sitting here in Cotonou, Benin, a mere two hours from Lagos, Nigeria where another case of Ebola has been confirmed, this Seattle girl has something on her heart she wants to share:

My God is not a god of death and disease but of life and beauty. My God is bigger than fear, no matter how valid or logical. My God is not bound by borders nor confused by Ebola. My God is unpredictable and wild and…

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