What Happens Next

We have arrived in Teneriffe safe and sound after a few delays due to some technical problems. But now we are here and ready and one step closer to Benin. The Canary Islands have been a nice break, I think. There are definitely things that I would like to leave here and never see again. Like the flocks of people in their speedos. Speedos never have and never will be attractive. Or like British people at the Airport that are far too ignorant to attempt to speak Spanish and when questioned can’t even tell you which airport they are at, and definitely can’t do so without swearing. Or like sitting on the beach and being surrounded by topless obese women in thongs. I have embraced it because it’s necessary but I would much rather be in Africa or many other places come to think of it. But here we are and the food is good and the red wine is good and I am grateful for that.

So the main thing is that the ship is fixed and sea worthy. We will be docked in Teneriffe for just under two weeks before sailing to Benin on the 14th of August. And now I think  it’s time to start getting excited about Benin. About my new job. About the people i’ll meet. The patients i’ll treat and the nurses i’ll teach.



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