Long Fa

This Ship came in one week ago and as I walk or cycle past it each day I’m reminded of how long our journey is. Where are we going? Long Far!DSC_0086
Saying goodbye to the ship yard that has been our home for 13 weeks and one day. DSC_0064
The ship is busy preparing to leave
A once considered ugly neighbourhood, now appears almost romantic and colourful. DSC_0050
But if I had to stay here one more day I’m sure that all the romanticism about Astican would be dead
Friends on a last outing before our midday curfew
The shipyard

Last trip to the market
Ships in dry dock starting out on the long journey we have just finished
Our home from a better angle
So we are on the high seas once again. Its a nice gentle sail so far. We left around 1600 on Saturday and plan to reach South Africa in a little over two weeks. Whilst there we will be refuelling and spending some time with our South African Mercy Ships colleagues before leaving for our mysterious field service destination (more to come…)

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