One Year On….

I walked up the gangway one year ago today. Since then I have gathered many memories of the ship that I call home, of those who serve on her and those who are served by her. Lots of patients have come and gone and now we await more. The porthole has seen four countries and eight dock spaces since then. It has also been sprayed by three different oceans and seen the sun rise and set many times.

The view from the porthole today is sunny and glorious and there are children on the beach herding their cattle while their dads draw in the fishing nets. There is a football team playing lazily under the palm trees.

Life continues.

One thought on “One Year On….

  1. It seems so long ago that you left our shores to live out your calling.. We have had the amazing privilege of walking with you and Ally on this journey your strength determination, patience and compassion has surely been tested but with Gods help you have conquered. So now a new episode starts in Madagascar our prayers are with you and all your colleagues on Africa Mercy may God guide you and bless you as you do His work xxx

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