Fotostory: Madagascar from above and good friends

Bikes are great. Madagascar is a county that loves bikes. You can get a puncture anywhere in town and immediately get it fixed by someone on the side of the street for 6 cents. Thats good news, because punctures happen.

DSC_0105_2Luscious rain forrests

DSC_0029  The pilots
Rainy season
DSC_0056Rice fields
DSC_0057Fish farms

DSC_0148Friends for life
DSC_0064Madagascar and it’s red dirt
DSC_0067Cascading rice fields painted in to the landscape
DSC_0071Hills and Valleys
DSC_0077Floods of disruption look pretty from above
DSC_0095Clouds cover isolated parts of the country: some of our patients come from here …. makes you wonder

MAF have been so good to us during our time in Madagascar flying the screening team here and there to be able to assess patients all over the country to see whether they are eligible for surgery or not. We were lucky enough to hitch a ride back to Tamatave from Tana in January. That little trip saved us an 8-12hr bus journey through the hills. Thanks MAF!

2 thoughts on “Fotostory: Madagascar from above and good friends

  1. Hello Chucky, aerial photography brilliant,oh and by the way my bike has a puncture!!!!! Lovs you lots Daddio’ XXXXXXXX

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