Today is no normal day

Sunday was international woman’s day. It seems fitting that on that day women with broken wombs, bladders and bowels lined up along the dock. Having traveled far they were finally here, ready to go through the last pre-assessment stages before they have surgery. There were a lot of shocked eyes when they saw how big the ship is. There was also a lot of chatter. Imagine 80 women in one place. Women that have been avoided, shunned and ignored, hated, abandoned and hurt. Women that have just been let in to a secret… that there are others. Others just like them. Others that smell like urine and have been treated like filth. Imagine the chatter then, the instant camaraderie, compassion and warmth that happens when women find others who understand.

Today is the first day of VVF surgeries. The day that these women start to hold their heads a little higher and laugh a little more.

If you pray, pray for wisdom for our teams who are on the dock currently, carrying out final tests, pray for the surgeons in the operating rooms and pray for the women who walk up the gangway.

Here’s a snapshot of the VVF program we ran in Congo last year.

For more about VVF click here

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