Mona Lisa Draws

There is something about Mona, something about her smile
When she does they're invisible,
no one sees those scars

Scars are just a symbol, of something overcome,
I look at her and see her face and know that she has won

Won the battle of her beginnings, that started in a hole,
A hole is not where Mona lives
She's on a mountain top

The top of life, of wealth, of love, she's swimming in it all
no one knows just what she's seen or what she has endured

Endurance is a race in which real strength is gained,
and gaining? It just happens when productivity can reign

She has no age, no DOB and has never had a birthday
Puberty forms our only guess and has not yet come her way
I guess she has never been to school as a pencil she can not hold
we sit together with open books, watching delicate scribbles unfold

Unfolding on every moleskin page I try not to be precious
Precious is that smile again and a gently giggling Mona
Mona is a girl whose life has just began
Scars behind her, smiles ahead, mountain tops and a life to be led

Led by her new mother and the creator of the universe
An artist by occupation and father on the side
He knows her every hurt and could map her every scar
Not a mistake and not a curse, a beautifully intended work of art

Mona is probably 13. She was abandoned by her parents due to her Tessier cleft. Her new mum lives in the south of Madagascar and found Mona on the street.

She has given Mona a second chance.

And this year Mercy Ships gave Mona a third chance. Maybe now she will be accepted into a school.

Mona and her new Mum are now back at home after her surgery but will come back in September for another revision for our second Malagasy field service. It’s so great to know that we have some old friends coming back in a few months.

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