Travel Madagascar

Mahambo, Hibiscus

Mahambo was one of the first places we visited, it's only a few hours drive from Toamasina by 
taxi brousse on a pretty straight coastal road. No mountains to zigzag round. The journey is 
cheap at around £2 and this group of bungalows called Hibiscus is our favourite. The food is 
great, the beach is stunning and the snorkelling is impressive. The only downfall are the pretty nasty sand flea bites you'll go home with. Don't forget to take coconut oil and smother 
yourself appropriately. More info here

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A zoo. Apparently the best in the country. I'm not sure how that is decided, well, regardless 
it's the only one i've been to in the country and therefore the best. It has a lot of land and 
you can take some nice walks around lakes and through forests. The lemurs, chameleons and other things are all in cages but you can do a night time walk to see some nocturnal friends who 
aren't in cages. You can also camp there and guides are available. More info here 

Andasibe Hotel, Andasibe

A nice and slightly more up- market break. That is of course based on a Mercy Ships budget and 
based in Madagascar. So a night here will cost you anywhere from £10-30pppn which may not sound like a lot but that can also feed a family of four in a very nice restaurant in town. It could 
also buy 15 pints of beer or 7 gin and tonics. This hotel is set in a national reserve and is 
the place to see wildlife. It's pretty amazing. See more here

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The Palmarium – The Pangalanes Canal

This is an expensive but fun adventure, 4 hour boat trip to a little part of heaven. There are 
lemurs every where and it's the only accessible place to see the Aye-Aye. They have a 
conservation project there and run night time trips to go and see them. The accommodation is 
beautiful, each little bungalow is set above the river and it feels like you are living in a 
tree house. The river is clean enough to swim in too. Find out more here

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Vakona Lodge, Andasibe

Another stunning location. A wooden lodge tucked in to the centre of the forrest. It's a bit 
deeper in to the Mantadia Reserve and the forrest sounds are beautiful. It has its own Zoo type 
thing and you can see lemurs, chameleons of all different types an they even have their own 
Fossa, which I haven't seen anywhere else so far. Each individual bungalow looks in to the 
centre of the forrest, you wake up to trees and fall asleep to trees. The food is amazing and 
it's also a lovely place to be in the sunshine or in the rain. For more read about it here 

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Hotel Jacaranda, Antananarivo

A great little place to stay in the heart of the capital city. A nice French style, slightly run- down (but with character) hotel with a view. The breakfast as you can see is great and the 
balcony rooms are a delight. See prices here


My Madagascar Map

Where are all these places? Take a look at my map..

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 15.28.07

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