Notes From A Small Country

Switzerland is a beautiful mass of green, spattered with wild flowers that dazzle and impress. They overtake my thoughts, wishing that I had the horticultural knowledge of my parents and the ability to name the little gems hiding in the green sea. But alas those little mysteries continue to rest as unknown gems. Peaks seemingly covered in white chocolate grow up through the landscape and they impose their glory to all. No cable-car or gondola may overtake their height. They move as I move, they grow as I grow, they shift as I shift. 

Switzerland. Where there are diamonds in the roads, where the sun emerges and the roads glisten like ski-slopes do. Its beauty is almost distracting from behind the wheel. The air is clearer and the rosé brighter. The chocolate smoother and the beer cleaner. The french is slower but the rules stricter. The trains quicker and the prices higher. Where dog poo bags are free and water fountains litter the streets. They omit a beautiful crisp and icy cold water that has trickled down from the turquoise glaciers above. 

Switzerland. Where the people are friendly and kind. Where organisation is everything; efficiency comes naturally yet simplicity is celebrated and spontaneity enjoyed. 

Switzerland. Where your lungs are filled with good air, your soul filled with rest and your wallet completely emptied of money.

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