The Market

Mamassa, Mammanda, Aisha and Mohamed tend to their produce, stacking oranges, washing green beans, organising tomatoes and filtering through zips and plastic bags. This is the Market. Everyone wants to greet the blonde haired and blue eyed boy on my back. They all know his name.
The success of our market trips is now judged on what we manage to get for free. Last week that boy was given 1 banana, one sweet potato and 3 doughnuts. That was a good day.
In Guinea they are still pretty active in chopping hands off for stealing (so i’ve heard). The walk ways are narrow and sometimes he manages to accumulate things in his hands that I have not given him.
A few weeks ago a women started shouting at me in sousou, I thought there was a problem with the herbs I was trying to get into my shopping bag. But she was actually shouting at my son, chilling on my back with the banana in his mouth that he had managed to silently snap off of a massive bunch on my right. I had no idea. I apologised to the lady and bought some of the bunch to keep the peace. Louis, has since charmed that mamma. He now gets a free banana every time we see her. And he has both hands.
For now.

4 thoughts on “The Market

  1. To all the Joneses (is that grammatically correct??)

    Amy, I have just enjoyed an idle half hour meandering through you blog posts. Great.

    I simply love the simplicity and colour composition of the hanging lime, if that is what it is. Also the bit of random graffiti at the bottom.

    Best wishes and love to you all at the turn of the year.

    May 2019 bring you all God’s richest blessings.

    Martyn and Jeanette

    Martyn Whiteman Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you both, glad you have enjoyed it. It’s a mandarin i think… they are beautiful when freshly picked ๐Ÿ™‚ happy new year to you both! With love, Amy

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