This blog is Amy’s view through the porthole into the daily life of the Jones Family on our floating home in West Africa. Sometimes it will quite literally be what I see,
or based on the people I meet
or the reasons I cry.
We live to serve the poor and bring hope to the broken.
We are Amy, Ally & Louis.

Our ship is called the Africa Mercy and is the operational home to the organisation Mercy Ships. The ship is a hospital, an operating theatre, a community, a church, a canteen and most importantly a signal of hope for some of the worlds poorest people. It operates on the coastline of Africa and gives free surgical care to those who don’t have access to safe, affordable or timely surgery. You can read my favourite stories on the Top 10 page. They are a collection of stories taken from different countries and different years but gives you an idea of what life is like. Some are stories about patients, about work, about travel and some are just my favourite pictures. I hope you enjoy reading them! For slightly more sensible, concrete information go to our website (managed by my more sensible husband).
As from August 2018 we’ll be in Guinea Conakry. All the up to date information can be found there or on the Blog Page.
Finally, this is a blog that is about a family who serve with Mercy Ships. It is written by one person and therefore reflects one persons point of view.

These are not Mercy Ships official thoughts, they are mine.

What do we actually do?

I am a nurse. I’ve worked in Emergency care and Intensive care. On board the Africa Mercy I have been a D-Ward Nurse (Maxillofacial Surgery) and a nursing manager in the Medical Capacity Building team. I ran programmes to train local nurses in Benin and Madagascar, to help them develop and improve their services, their clinical skills, and their medical knowledge. A lot of what we do is about fixing patients, their feet, their face or their heart. The Medical Capacity Building team strive to empower local health care professionals so that in time they can provide the desperately needed services so that Mercy Ships and other organisations won’t have to.
When we return I won’t have a nursing role. I will be full time Mamma Louis!
Ally has been many things on the Ship but most recently, the Human Resources Director and from July he will take up the new role of Operations Director.
Louis’s role is not fully established yet, but he thinks it’ll be to bring joy and giggles to the crew.


There are many great Mercy Ship videos but I want to share 3 with you. The first is an overview of what we do, the second a story about a patient and the third focuses on my passion, building medical capacity.

What is Mercy ships?

Hope for who?

What about hope for them?


Amy Jones OUT

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