Lead. Learn. Love. Live …and there’s tea. 

  Dr Elizabeth Sercombe, an expert in leadership and human transformation came to us to teach on those very things. We had two days with our own mercyships leadership team to grow together and learn how to be good leaders and what that could mean. Then I have just had two days with our friends and colleagues at the local hospital in Tamatave who have done the same thing but in French. My French brain is switched on today and I can only really thinking about leading and coaching. Watch out Tamatave your medical leadership is stronger than ever before. 


Safe and sound

Cape Town lights that twinkle bright, welcome me to the most southernly place I’ve ever visited. The freshness in the air reminds me of home. This is also the least amount of humidity I have experienced in over a year and it feels good. The porthole is dirty after a 17 day sail of salty powerful winds thrashing against it. This morning It tells a new story of life In the shadow of Table Mountain. If only mountains could talk. I would love to hear that story.