Madagascar, A land full of profound beauty and deep poverty. I lived here for 22 months. Out of all of the countries I’ve visited this one still pulls on my roots. I love it’s people and it’s food, it’s language and it’s humid warmth. There are many blogs and stories about healthcare education in this section. This is where I worked as an educator and mentor to local qualified nurses. My main and most challenging role ever was to train 16 Malagasy nurses to be specialist fistula nurses. Nurses that could run a fistula hospital when we left. That hospital is alive and well and is still staffed by Malagasy nurses. Click here to find out more.
MGC151105_MARIE_PIERRETTE_RAVAONIRINA_OBF_NURSE_JF0001_EDIT.jpgHere are a selection of stories and photos from Madagascar. You can find more on my blog page which has all of the Blogs I’ve written over the years but these are some of my favourite from Madagascar;

The Silent Tribe– all about Obstetric Fistula and some of our patients stories

Travel Madagascar
A collection of the best places to stay in Madagascar and how to get there…. my own little trip advisor.

The Major’s Scissors.
A story about a Malagasy Nursing Manager, who I developed the deepest respect for. An insight into what it is like to be a nurse in Madagascar.

Orange party
A short story of a spontaneous adventure in to the country side where I had the best picnic of my life
Photo Credit Justine Forrest, OBF Trainee Nurses
My Greatest Mentoring Success: Mr Sendra
My job has been to mentor nurses. I unexpectedly found my self mentoring my translator ….. he’s now in his third year of nursing and will qualify in January. This is part of his story.

Kings and Queens
How do you get Nurses who are ingrained in corruption and normalising patient exploitation to treat their patients with love and respect?
I don’t know but this is a good story.

All she wanted was chicken…
The one about Minette. Another disruption in my busy daily life. One of the best disruptions. Its a tear jerker.

Tear stained D’s
A little more about obstetric fistula

Fotostory: Madagascar from above and good friends
Just photos

A welcomed distruption
A call to prayer

© 2015 Mercy Ships, Photo Credit Ruben Plomp;
Monday Teaching Session, Tamatave, Madagascar