FOTOSTORY: Africa and her Islands

Dusty streets in rural Madagascar


A Malagasy Antique ShopDSC_0005-2 full of Dusty Treasures

And Monkies that Pretend to Know NothingDSC_0010-3

And Little Statues that Have Been on a Shelf for as Long as I Have Walked the EarthDSC_0012-4

Friends with BirthdaysDSC_0042-6

Light Bulbs that Get My AttentionDSC_0058-8

The Sink Hole of Rice Fields
A Sea Marie Rip OffDSC_0125-18

Home For Lunch?MAHAMBO015

The Lazy Police ManMAHAMBO016

Taxi Money

Incorrect Location on that Shirt of Yours Sir

Shadows Are Fun
The Market

My Port HoleTOAMA_FOTO002

The Street Vendor TOAMA_FOTO005

Friends and Cars TOAMA_FOTO006

Nosy Neighbour

DSC_0011-1Famous Faces


Wine, Soon to Be WineDSC_0073-4

The DropDSC_0049-3
Coffee, Rings & Dogs

South Africa Snap DSC_0110-6 A Nice Wall

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